• White Wedding DVD – 2017

    In Jackson Hole, Wyoming, the relentless winter of 2017 was one for the record books. Relive this epic 600 inch season in Storm Show’s ski/ride/adrenaline film White Wedding! Highlights include nipple deep powder, massive airs and probable first descents in the Wyoming backcountry. Also on display is the historical Snowpocalypse, a 6-day blizzard that shuttered roads, destroyed power lines, and left Jackson Hole virtually cut off from the rest of the world. The storm left an unbelievably deep snow pack, prodding the Storm Show crew to undertake a 40-mile ski expedition into the heart of Wyoming’s Wind River Range. Accompanied by a custom soundtrack from Gamble, Sid Fly & Six O’Clock, Kool Karlo, and Queen Of Noise, White Wedding is sure to leave you in wintery wedlock, until summer do you part.


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