December 5, 2019
300 Inches DVD – 2007 (LE)
December 7, 2019
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Start at zero, and go to hero! Buckle up and get ready to fly as Storm Show’s 2016 ski/ride/adrenaline film takes to the skies! Jackson Hole’s premier skiers and riders are sending it bigger than ever before off massive cliffs and neck-deep powder. Highlights include rocket-biker Xan Grayson riding 80mph wheelies through the streets of downtown Jackson, Jeff Leger hucking his meat without a parachute off of 100 foot cliffs, and Jessica McMillan skiing the deepest powder in Wyoming. Zero 2 Hero will melt your eyebrows with non-stop action and a killer custom soundtrack to match! Get your ski flick fix with Storm Show’s Zero 2 Hero!


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  • Sleeping Giants DVD – 2004 (LE)

    LIMITED EDITION – (Limited Quantities Available)The Storm Show crew shows once again why the Jackson Hole backcountry is the supreme being of extreme skiing and riding in North America. Highlights include pant-shitting lines and insane helmet cam footage of some of the gnarliest terrain ever explored on skis or snowboard. Sleeping Giants chronicles a brief history of ski mountaineering in the Teton Range, and showcases Jackson’s current skiers & riders who are making history of their own. The Giants have awakened…
    *awarded Best Line at 2004 Cold Smoke Awards.


  • 300 Inches – 2007

    Jackson Hole only got 300 inches of snow over the ‘06-07 season (insert whining here). Dwindling snowfall across the country may have hampered the efforts of some, but Jackson’s local skiers and riders show that they will never be victim to circumstance. Less snowfall has equated to steeper, rockier, and more exposed lines– the stuff Jacksonites live for…
    Storm Show breaks away from their traditional JH ski films by traveling around the globe to locales such as France, Alaska, and British Columbia. Stuntman Matt Combs continues to break new ground in the sport of speed-flying: skiing exposed lines that end in certain death, with the only escape being his trusty paraglide. 300 inches, it’s what you make of it!


  • White Wedding DVD – 2017

    In Jackson Hole, Wyoming, the relentless winter of 2017 was one for the record books. Relive this epic 600 inch season in Storm Show’s ski/ride/adrenaline film White Wedding! Highlights include nipple deep powder, massive airs and probable first descents in the Wyoming backcountry. Also on display is the historical Snowpocalypse, a 6-day blizzard that shuttered roads, destroyed power lines, and left Jackson Hole virtually cut off from the rest of the world. The storm left an unbelievably deep snow pack, prodding the Storm Show crew to undertake a 40-mile ski expedition into the heart of Wyoming’s Wind River Range. Accompanied by a custom soundtrack from Gamble, Sid Fly & Six O’Clock, Kool Karlo, and Queen Of Noise, White Wedding is sure to leave you in wintery wedlock, until summer do you part.


  • Shits & Giggles – 2000-2019

    Since 1999, the Storm Show crew has been busting guts with their light hearted and humoristic approach to ski bumming in Jackson Hole. Shits N’ Giggles is a compilation of the funniest skits from our collection of 19 films. Highlights include: Rajat Bhayani as The Most Interesting Man In The World, saving damsels in distress from the likes of Sasquatch and Chewbacca; Dicks & Chicks from the now-defunct Rancher Bar in 2002; Derek Depiero’s fast food diet in preparation of the G-String 1st descent; Johnny Recchio & Mike Tierney’s 50mph longboard segment on Grand Targhee road; Paragliding and buzzing skyscrapers in Lima, Peru with Matt Combs; The invisible White Sheets pulling a fast one on the JH Ski Patrol; Darrell Miller’s shopping list at Teton Mountaineering in preparation for the the Rimrock Icefall; Car jumping at the Snake River Brewing loading dock in The Fox’s Last Run; and many more gut busters! Running time 40 minutes.


  • Trial & Air – 2006

    With over 500 inches of snow pounding the Teton Range of Jackson Hole in 2006, the Storm Show crew has pulled out all the stops and delivered their sixth award-winning film (Cold Smoke Awards, April 2006).  Hold tight to your seats in the comfort of your own living room as Jackson’s premier skiers & riders take to the skies and leave troughs in their wake of chest deep powder.  Tired of the same old helicopter angles?  Check out Storm Show’s approach to sky-high footage:  10 years before the advent of drones, we’re tandem paragliding over skiers & riders as they drop into the gnarl!  And the big daddy of them all: Matt Combs’ mind-bending shot of a 300 foot ski-BASE jump high in the Tetons.  Watch as he out runs an avalanche and throws his chute moments before the white dragon is to overcome him.

    *2006 Cold Smoke Awards winner.


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